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Get ready to be surprised by the unique functions of our Smart Speakers!

They will work for you as a personal virtual assistant. From placing online orders to keeping you informed about the weather, news, etc., to streaming music. These speakers can do anything you want. You can just say "What's the weather like?" or any other question and the speaker will respond to you instantly with the information. You don’t need to leave your seat. You can use smart speakers even if you don’t live in a smart home.

They operate based on "Voice recognition technology", which helps them to understand your commands and act accordingly. When you speak something, the system automatically gets activated to hear the words. Typically, smart speakers wait for a “Wake word". For example, Amazon Alexa waits for the wake word "Alexa". Then, it records the voice and sends it to the internet for voice recognition service. If you are using Amazon Alexa, the voice is sent to Amazon's AVS cloud called Alexa Voice Services. The recognition service then sends a response to the speaker.

Algorithms series make the experience more impressive by improving the system’s familiarity with speech patterns and words. In other words, it learns how you speak, for providing better service. These smart speakers are super safe and easy to use. You will surely get used to them very quickly.

Our smart Bluetooth speaker collection is what you need. Just ask for music, news, information, and more.

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  • Supports learning function for children. It can translate, back add, subtract, multiply etc.
  • Voice control function. Tell what you want to hear, it will play for you.
  • Intelligent device control function:  set the alarm clock, check the weather, and ask directions. 
  • Excellent Stereo Sound, AI add-on, 360 Audio Sensing, scratch resistance.
$100.95 $165.99
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  • Play anything you want with Amazon Alexa.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,  Alarm Clock, USB charger.
  • Exclusive GGMM Application for easy operation.
  • Spotify / iHeartRadio / Tunein supported.
  • iOS / Android / Windows / MacOS
  • Multi-room function: up to 16 devices for one connection
$102.95 $170.99
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  • 1200mAh huge battery ensures up to 7 hours of playtime
  • Wide range compatibility with android and iOS devices.
  • 2.0 channel sound output for clear and room-filling sound
  • Seven color conversion scintillation lamp for an enhanced look
  • $152.95 $257.99
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    • 6000 mAh polymer lithium battery gives 15hrs playing time in Bluetooth mode. 
    • Bass and treble adjustment knobs allow you to match your favorite sound. 
    • With 2 or more GGMM E series speakers, you can build a multi-room.
    • Built-in high-sensitivity microphone for clear hands-free calls. 
    $171.95 $286.99
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    • 2 modes (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth) for more convenience
    • IPX7 waterproof design makes it suitable for pool parties
    • 10W dual drivers for powerful and crystal-clear sound
    • 2200 mAh battery ensures up to 14 hours of playtime
    $52.95 $87.99
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    $119.95 $198.99
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    $67.95 $112.99
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